The Abandoned Tape [01]

Apparently, I really like 同一陶業, you know, that factory I explored once by myself and then again with friends. I can now report its English name: Tong I Pottery Co., Ltd. I discovered this fact when A-lun and I explored the building, today, and decided to go into the other half that, for some reason, I had ignored the other two times. I shall go into more detail on this trip later, but right now I'd like to report on something very interesting, at least to me:

I found a tape in an abandoned vestibule's drawer. This cassette tape was produced in 1982, so the whatever is on it was recorded then or shortly thereafter.

Each side of the tape has a capacity of thirty minutes, making the total possible length one hour.

The factory was abandoned a bit over thirty years ago, which leads me to a few conjectures:
- The contents of the tape predate 1982
- The factory owner was probably older than thirty years of age, given that he owned the business
- The tape belonged to a woman

The last point I make because the tape was within the vestibule that remains in a room with a crib and make-up strewn about.

Now, to the tape.

I know nothing about its contents or its history; I shall keep you apprised of my ongoing "investigation."

(Yes, I find this extremely interesting and entertaining.)

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